Information Technology 

Support Bundles and Pricing


The On-Call bundle is centered toward small businesses that do not need a regularly scheduled technician. This is our most popular bundle due to how many small businesses we support. We have the ability to remote into your workstations and assist you in minutes. If you have trouble while you do not have one of our other bundles or have already used all of your bundle hours this is the pricing we will use during billing.

Billed As Needed

Rate: $100 per Hour

Part Time

Our Part-Time bundle is a great way to have weekly appointments with one of our certified consultants. During these they will examine network stability, Scan workstations for viruses, keep all software up to date and much more. The standard set of hours is twenty-eight for the month, giving your business Seven hours of support every week to ensure safety and security for all your technological assets. Any time beyond the 28 hours would be considered “On-Call” listed above.

Billed Monthly: 28 Hours

Rate: $80 per Hour

Full Time

Having a full time IT technician is one of the best decisions you can make for your company especially if you are still growing or already have a large amount of users. With this bundle we will have one of our certified consultants on site seven hours a day, Monday through Friday, as well as our offsite technicians being available to you twenty four hours a day to support your employees and help your company grow to new heights. Any time beyond the 140 hours would be considered “On-Call” listed above.

Billed Monthly: 140 Hours

Rate: $60 per Hour

Office Remote Monitoring and Management Service

Our remote management system allows us to defend and manage workstations without any worry of outside threats. With this Monthly subscription on each of your workstations you will have all of the following benefits.

Server: $20 per Month

Workstation: $5 per Month

Mobile Device: $1 per Month

EXO5 Fleet Management

This software helps us track your mobile workstations and other devices in case of theft. An added benefit to the EXO5 platform is the intellectual property protection system built into the bundle. If a company laptop gets stolen we can lock the hard drive so no one can get to the data or we can just wipe all of the data from the hard drive remotely to avoid data theft. 

Device: $30 per Month (25 Device minimum)

Cloud Backup Service

This system is designed to keep all of your most precious data safe in the cloud so it can be downloaded anywhere in the world with a standard internet connection. 

Workstation: $0.20 per Month per Gigabyte